In collaboration with the University of Chicago Medicine, our founder helped to pioneer the renown MAPSCorps program. Specifically, with support from private, public and corporate sources, Sanders aided University of Chicago researchers, in partnership with Southside businesses, take the next steps in a massive effort to compile and publish maps of all of the area’s health, wellness and commercial resources. This includes businesses, public agencies, churches, social-service organizations and health-related facilities.

Sanders also contributed the MAPSCorps Guidebook which was developed to support partnerships between STEM and health-oriented scientists, local high school students, youth employment agencies, health systems, and community-based organizations who collectively participate in an annual census of community assets across metropolitan Chicago.

COMEUNITY Based Solutions has also contributed immensely to supporting equitable platforms and delivery models where Opportunity Youth have access to vocational education opportunities, good food choices, and social enterprising models thus creating thriving communities through measurable environmental, economic, community and health impacts.

COMEUNITY Based Solutions’ logic model below emphasizes the importance of youth “employing” strategies to maximize improvements in their individual development, health outcomes, and environmental well-being. This includes maximizing social impact for longer term marketability.

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