Org Dev
COMEUNITY Based Solutions seeks to identify the critical mass necessary to add and develop an organization’s asset portfolio. We have much success at…

  • Building and executing an organization’s development plan implementing key strategies to sustain its foundation

  • Leading virtual rounding videoconference sessions for primary care providers

  • Providing broadband data and development support for the State of Illinois, mobilizing stakeholders that have assisted in the utilization and innovation, development and expansion of broadband for economic development and new investment

  • Introducing, educating, bringing ultra high-speed Internet and economic development opportunities to small businesses, community anchoring institutions, and residents in multiple Chicago neighborhoods

  • Organizing ~60,000 community stakeholders and civic leaders around issues pertinent to immediate service boundaries to include: digital infrastructure and adoption, free tax preparation, financial independency, youth and neighborhood safety, cultural and green enrichment, quality education, business/property sustainability, job creation, and preventative healthcare

  • Developing and using program infrastructure, budget management, and evaluation tools for multi-year comprehensive community initiatives targeting Chicago communities

  • Working with consultants to develop web-based communications tools to organize and integrate local businesses with pertinent information about the community and noteworthy services and events

  • Directing research and implementing services through private/public funding streams to revitalize small businesses

  • Developing and managing multi-million dollar organizational budgets

  • Participating in recruiting, negotiating, hiring, and managing company employees, contracts and contractors